National Night Out

August 5, 2008

Talcott Park, Rockville, CT

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Pictures courtesy of Joseph Grunske

Official Photographer of the Vernon Bicentennial Committee ( and all-around nice guy!)

Joseph D. Grunske
Sticks & Stones Photography

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From Journal Inquirer, Jim Michaud

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Her night out
Kiera Tedeshi, 2, of Vernon gets ready to roll a bowling ball with help from her aunt, Rachel Kauffman, during National Night Out activities Monday at Talcott Park in the Rockville section of Vernon. The event, sponsored by the Rockville Community Alliance Block Watch, was held in conjunction with National Night Out, a nationwide effort to reduce crime by fostering neighborhood awareness. (Jim Michaud/Journal Inquirer)


Everyone got into the Community Spirit!

Republican Town Chairperson Hal Cummings and Democratic Chairperson Tom Dideo

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