Holiday Decorating Contest-2008

Town of Vernon

sponsored by

Vernon Parks & Recreation Dept.,

Dickens' Day Committee, &

the Rockville Community Alliance

2008 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Sponsored by the Vernon Parks & Recreation Dept., The Dickens’ Day Committee and the Rockville Community Alliance

Best Residential Displays

152 Daryl Drive, Frank Rzeznikiewicz,                  - Most Impressive-tie
64 Center Road, Cheryl
Dellaripa,                        - Most Impressive-tie

865 Hartford Tpke., Jeff
Schambach ,                 - Most Artistic

29 Scott Drive, Eugene Faultas,                           - Most outrageous!

23 Knollwood Drive, Dave & Michelle Bower,        - Highest + Tallest Display

60 Prospect Street, Liz Stevenson,                     - Best Victorian Display-tie
73 Elm St.    David Lamot                           
            - Best Victorian Display-tie

50 Ridgewood Drive,  Bernadette Neal       
         - Most Unusual (Revolving outdoor tree!)

Green, Low Energy Display

684 Hartford Tpke., Laura & Matthew Ryan (recycled branches for decorations for exterior windows, 3 watt bulbs, real candles for lanterns, re-used bows

Best Door Display

5 Eric Circle, Michelle & David Maguda

Best Street - a tie this year

Campbell Ave. (near Rte 84) - tie

Russell Drive & Scott Drive -neighborhood - tie

Best Business

Michelle's Florals & Gift  555 Talcottville Rd, Rte. 83

“Shoe Explosion” & “Things Not Forgotten” West Main Street downtown Rockville


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Vernon holiday decorating contest has judges all tied up


By Max Bakke
Journal Inquirer 


Published: Thursday, December 25, 2008 1:17 AM EST 
A Daryl Drive man and a Center Road woman have tied for the most impressive holiday displays this year in the town’s annual holiday decorating contest.

Frank Rzeznikiewicz, of 152 Daryl Drive, and Cheryl Dellaripa, of 64 Center Road, tied for the most impressive holiday display, the contest’s top prize, Rockville Community Alliance member Bryan Flint said.

Flint said about 20 households and businesses entered the competition to win bragging rights for their displays, twice as many as last year’s contest.

“We had more entries than ever this year,” Flint said. “Everyone who applied put a great deal of time and effort into their decorations.”

Dorothy Lamot said it took at least 45 wreaths, a dozen bows, and nearly 30 strings of white lights to decorate her and her husband’s Victorian-style home on Elm Street. The Lamots and Liz Stevenson of Prospect Street tied for the grandest Victorian display in this year’s contest.

Lamot said the display, which she has recently started putting up annually in the home she and her husband, David, have lived in for 28 years, took about three days to complete.

“I just keep buying and putting up lights until I was done,” she said. “I just enjoy decorating, that’s all.”

“My husband cringes when I decorate because the light bill goes up, but I pay it, so it’s not a big deal,” she sad.

The contest, sponsored by the alliance, the Parks and Recreation Department, and the town’s Dickens’ Day Committee, invited residents and businesses to compete in 10 categories, including an award for the best display which utilizes little or no energy.

The low-energy award went to Laura and Matthew Ryan for their Hartford Turnpike home, which used recycled branches and bows, 3-watt lightbulbs, and candles for lanterns in their display.

A list of all other winners is available on the contest’s Web site, at


73 Elm Street, Rockville, CT - Best Victorian Display-tie

Above Photo By Liss at 

60 Prospect Street, Rockville, CT - Best Victorian Display-tie

Above Photo By Liss at 

152 Daryl Drive --Most Impressive-tie

64 Center Road - Most Impressive-tie

865 Hartford Tpke.,  - Most Artistic

29 Scott Drive - Most outrageous!

23 Knollwood Drive - Highest + Tallest Display

You have to experience this in person!

50 Ridgewood Drive - Most Unusual (Revolving outdoor tree!)

Pictures don't do it justice!

684 Hartford Tpke., - Green, Low Energy Display

5 Eric Circle - Best Door Display

Best Decorated Streets a tie this year

Campbell Ave. (near Rte 84) - tie

Russell Drive & Scott Drive -neighborhood - tie


Best Businesses

Michelle's Florals & Gift  555 Talcottville Rd, Rte. 83

“Shoe Explosion” & “Things Not Forgotten” West Main Street downtown Rockville

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  •         RESIDENTIAL
  •         COMMERCIAL 
  •         NEIGHBORHOOD
  •         BEST DOORWAY 
            (For apartments, condos, and those who don't want to decorate their entire property!)
  •            NEW for 2008 - "NO" or "LOW" use of electricity




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NEW for 2008 - NO or LOW Energy category  -  Energy Efficient
Vernon's "Clean Energy"

A message from Jeff Boulrice,

As Vernon's local clean energy contact, I support this effort to conserve energy use during the holiday season. Utilizing long lasting LED lights will reduce your electric bill and be a much safer light bulb as very little heat is generated. This greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Please join with the Town of Vernon in trying to conserve energy use. As the town reduces usage and residents purchase small amounts of clean energy from CL&P, Vernon will receive solar panels worth $10,000. Information on how town residents and businesses can participate in this 20% by 2010 campaign will be released in the near future. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Program information can be found at


    Town of Vernon, Holiday Decorating Contest Form - in PDF Format -click here


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